Saturday, September 14, 2013

Alfateha - Dj BBGirl Aka Zalina Mirza Tan


Nick ONAIR/Radio: Dj BBGirl
Language: English
Genre Play: Multi Genre
Location Australia
Deejin Since 2001
Radio Station: LuahanRasa.FM
Listeners from?: Worldwide

Biodata:   It's been a while since I've been doing online DJ, fun to know how we actually connected to the server and DJ to people who could listen across the world in internet. That's the fun part gained from technical part, other than that, Dj-ing had been a hobby of mine to do, to fill up my free time talking to myself in front of the computer, reading out listener's dedications as well as playing songs I love to listen while sharing with different listeners across the world. 

there are few experiences in this field, started with Chinese Dj in one of the underground radio that operated by a group of Singaporean friends "music4life" then DJ in english in "spinx", stopped a little while and back to dj in a malay station "fungkurfm" then "redradio" "kampungfm" "funkerfm" and now in "luahanrasafm". Great fun exploring and entertain people from different area as well as different personality.

It's a great challenge in handling different listeners especially with their different preferences of songs genre. So I do really hope in coming future, any mistakes that I've done during DJ session will be rectify, and hopefully will have a bunch of accomodating and great listeners to keep us company through the future.

Meninggal Dunia : 14 Sept 2013 (Alfateha)
Interview antara ibu dgn dj bbgirl waktu bulan ramadhan: Click SINI

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